Fitness Center

Fitness Center

Member Orientation

We have found that members who attend our member orientations tend to feel more comfortable using all of the resources that West Wood has to offer. The orientation consists of meeting with one of our department managers to discuss your goals.  We will go over class schedules, explore all parts of the building and you will be introduced to a number of our staff. You also will be able to ask all the questions on your list!  We have a free gift for you too!

Health Profile

As a member of West Wood, you received two complementary appointments with a Fitness Specialist. The first appointment is the Health Profile which gathers information via physical assessment and is catered to an individual in order to assist them in reaching their health and fitness goals.


  • Please come dressed for activity with proper shoes.
  • Avoid caffeine, tobacco, alcohol and a big meal for three hours prior to your appointment.
  • Do not exercise vigorously before your appointment.

What to Expect

You will meet one on one with a Fitness Specialist and go through your Fitness Screening Questionnaire. This helps us get to know you better and will alert us to any restrictions and concerns you may have. The next step is to determine which Health Profile is best for you. Your Fitness Specialist will assist in determining which test is most beneficial to you.

Functional Heath Profile
Designed for clients that may be limited in everyday movements.Goal is to measure a client’s functional capacity, or ability to perform everyday activities effectively. Areas of testing include:

  • Both Mobility and Stability Examinations
  • Functioning Capacity of Lower Limbs
  • Upper Body Strength

Health Profile
The Health Profile is our standard fitness evaluation at West Wood. This profile is best for physically able people who want to begin an exercise regimen. Tests include:

  • Resting Measurements (HR, BP, Height, Weight)
  • Body Composition and Circumference Measurements
  • Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Flexibility, Cardiovascular Fitness

Advanced Health Profile
The Advanced Health Profile is best for physically fit individuals who are looking to challenge themselves and improve their current fitness level. Resting measurements and body composition tests are similar to the Health Profile. Added exercise tests include:

  • Choice of High Intensity Cardiovascular Fitness
  • Total Body Strength/Endurance Testing (pull, push, leg strength)
  • 500 Meter Row Sprint

Your Fitness Specialist will generate a report based on your Health Profile results and show you where you rank against established norms for your age and gender. Specific, realistic goals for you will be determined at this time. We will also give you an ideal target heart rate zone.

Orientation and Program Set Up

The second appointment introduces you to your custom program and orientation. There is no need to be intimidated by this process. Our goal is to get to know you and your current fitness level. We want to know as much as we can to set up the best possible program for you. You will have the opportunity to use both strength and cardiovascular equipment. We will show you how to adjust weights and seat settings, and show you how to exercise safely.

Remember, we are here to help so if you have questions, please ask. For more information please call 262-513-7214.