Brian Mace

Personal Trainer

Get your body working correctly (any discomfort indicates improper function) before making stronger. Your muscles tell your bones where to go and how to move. Improper function of the muscles creates misalignment of the joints thus wears out the cartilage over time.
Pain indicates there is something wrong. Fix it.


Neuromuscular Disabilities-Stroke, TBI, MS, ALS
Proper muscle balance and function
Post-rehab training
Geriatric populations

Background/Training Style:

Over 35 years of athletic training (most sports), including post-rehab training, wellness consulting and physical function.
Understanding operational systems, electrical  (U.S. Army and Cert. Elec. Tech.), mechanical (Boeing Aircraft) and anatomical (human anatomy and physiology) ensures the ability to locate and change the system to functioning properly and efficiently.


Highline College-Engineering Sciences, Sea-Tac, WA
Green River College-Engineering Sciences, Auburn, WA
Ashmead College-Exercise Physiology, Seattle WA


  • International Fitness Assoc., 2000-Fitness Trainer
  • National Strength and Conditioning Association, 2001-Personal Trainer
  • International Sport Sciences Association, 2001-Personal Trainer
  • Arthritis Foundation, 2003-Instructor
  • CPR Certified
  • AED Certified
  • First Aid Certified